Demo 2009

by Pink Flamingos

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    These songs have never been officially released or anything. Though, we used to sell "Tour Compilations" at our shows, they included 6 of these 12 songs, on cd-rs. We still play some of those songs at our shows sometimes, so... everything's on the web. Enjoy !

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released September 1, 2009



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Pink Flamingos Le Havre, France

We're a Punk Rock band from Le Havre, France. Crazy.

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Track Name: Apology Is Policy
I just did what I've been told: the workings of a bigger machine. Apology is policy, hope is cure, war is peace maker, advertising is Art.
Getting numb may be an appropriate way of self-preservation. If you got them once, I guess you've been fooled ten. You know, the bitches are clever, they have money, will and time. They are trained to smile and so are we.
They all have been teached to lie, and we all have been teached to listen and to believe. Repression is protection, dumbness entertains us, lying is becoming a need.
Track Name: Embarrrassment City

i would give a year of breathing
just to make sure you could forgive me
i'm alone with this cold coffe now
i hate how it tastes but i'll drink it anyway
what a great love potion

it's average to sleep
it's exciting to burn
but most of the time i do nothing
dancing and singing in the twilight
of the worries i no longer care about
i could have been but i didn't
some more beauty and it's all i need

if they sweat civilization,
i just suck and sweat shame and laziness
i'm begging for food, and asking for rest
you'll probably never be aware of that
I dedicate my sleepless nights to you

when there is way too much cold blood
it makes relationships a bit more complicated
is there a way to say i don't want to change?
it's just a funny game i don't care to loose
sounds more like obviousness
Track Name: Egyptian Nights

what's the point of
making something everybody's waiting for.
what's the sense of saying you're an artist when everything you do is
reproducing and reproducing
why would we be friends since we got nothing in common

free kindness never made things on

we choose what we aim for
and they have no right to lead
because WE are creating
and THEY don't care about nothing
they're just slaves and will remain
full nations of slaves
waiting to be feed

do they deserve it ? do they deserve it ?

why don't you help them ?
since they're asking to be drown, this can't be.
i must be paranoid when the only thing i say is
take you life back ! and take your mind back !
just to laugh just to laugh but they don't laugh they just tout
Track Name: Can I Grab My Self-Confidence Out Of You ?

like a lion, behind a fence, still trying to prove he could get out if he wanted to
like a mirror, that is useless unless you stand in front
it's smooth and exciting to look at the world and try to challenge it,
but we all need strengh and energy
i'm a vampire, i need your blood to shine
so you gave it to me smiling and i flew away
i'll come back to bite for sure
tomorrow, after this cynical parade
some glasses of temporary suicide
and some form of self-forgiving
i'll come back for one more sheepish bite
Track Name: Broken Streetlight

sometimes it's hard to feel alive
when you are stiff and got a black eye
when as usual in here, it's rainy, and windy and cold
add a hangover and try to complete the picture

tonight even the streetlights have stopped
but i'm still walking like i always do
the pavements are soft and i'm singing to the music.
reminds me of a night in Vienna or Zurich

a long time ago, long time ago, drunk memories
just a hazy impression of something i already lived
this broken streetlight, this dark musical street
reminds me of one or two nights somewhere else

will i ever get the rest i need ?
is over there warm enough for me ?
i guess i should stay home for a little while
Track Name: Fuck Sleep: Everyday Is Not The Day
Fuck Sleep: Everyday Is NOT The Day

i need to walk can you go faster ?
you may know my face you may think i'm everywhere
to choose is to give up and i really like to choose

i still don't know all the pavements of my algorythmic life
today is not the day this is going to end

i have work to do, i have a work to go to
i have roads to drive and i got no time for you
i got this show to run, and you're so lazy and dumb
this has to be done so get away from me
Track Name: Great Dispositions

we all should
take part of something
we all have
a role to play in here
and this is mine
because this is much more than just music
because we play it the way that means everything
because there's nothing else to think about
and that every muscle gets tense

Our DIY punk scene still have great dispositions

a friend of mine told me once that
friendship was the only reason to get in a fight
it still is
a foe of mine told me once that
he had better things to do, he had better things to do
but he won't be here in two years, and i know i will, i know i'll try
no matter where we go, i won't ask for justice
and rain and cold are nothing cause we leave tomorrow
so far from here there are roads to drive
Track Name: Disclosed Rumours

I can’t see where i’m going
It sucks and I can’t do nothing
to destroy, to create
It all means nothing to me
Let’s cry tonight let’s forget tomorrow
Please don’t blame me
Because I don’t know what I do
I just want to walk with the
Music, in my ears
And I’ll be all right
What about you, what about you ?
Will you make it without me ?
Please call it an accident
Be sure there’s nothing left to say
Please send me right to hell
So I can forget to be kind
I can’t stand their laughs
Beware of my anger
I burnt all I had to loose
Can you believe this ?
There’s no bright sky no trendy happiness
Let’s talk about everything we gave up, what we missed
I really deserve to
Die alone
And I won’t complain
I’ll listen, to the world
And i’ll be happy to go
Itss not a tragedy
It’s more like natural selection
Ignorance is bliss
I pray for my dissolution
Track Name: Forehead Scars For Free

there's no place left to hide say the stars
but they're so high that it's so easy to them
pyramids don't extend corpses fuck no they don't
so i let the boat fucking sink
it's none of my business
if you sink with all you believe in
i realized i can't stand perfection (can you ?)
i found myself splashing mud around
when i promised not to do so
i hate when my songs talk about my problems becoming yours
but i guess it's just the way it is
back in mediocrity
i feel as if i were myself again
Track Name: Never Ask

It's not really guilt but i admit
it's weird to notice
you were giving your last breath a chance in the world
i was drowning my boredom in whiskey
and trends of lust and luxury
half a city by foot in the cold night
a sad pilgrim who tries not to cry
the tears would instantly froze
the tears would froze in a second
the same beers and always the same guys
i don't know that much, i don't know you that much
they never ask for anything, i do the same, i try
we all know at least one thing:
dreams don't come true by themselves
we have to get over the unavoidable
and never talk about it again
let's bury it somewhere
under the roots of our anger
Track Name: Self-Medication Experiments

addicted to selfishness
this man has no head and I hate it, I hate it !
I don't remember when it started
and for now i'd prefer to remain on my own
everything will be alright
don't wait for me these days these weeks
maybe i'll never come back
self-medication experiments

look at me in the eyes and see how much I care about everything
please understand there's no way for me to fit in
since there is no solution let's make sure there's no problem
not so easy, not so difficult

I can't even look
at me in the mirror,
my eyes are so old
I can't understand what future means
you do not need me
you would be unhappy anyway
I will get old anyway
I will loose everything anyway
I will be stuck in my mind anyway
I will hate you for that anyway
it wasn't all-that-bad-before

look at me in the eyes and see how much I care about everything
please understand there's no way for me to fit in
since there is no solution let's make sure there's no problem
not so easy, not so difficult

every moment has its worries
I don't care anymore, I wish I never did
because everything is dead by now
I wish I could sleep and dream forever
then maybe I could really talk to you
Track Name: The Rule We Have

It's time to hit the floor one more time
you know we don't care anymore
we'll forget it just as well

it's a rule we have:
we forget to care
we forget to hope
we forget to ask
we forget to stop

you'll probably say i'm negative
and that it is too easy
i'll answer i never signed for any competition
thanks for your help anyway

we're the dark ghosts you'll never understand
we stabbed our memories a long time ago
to prove ourselves we weren't insane yet
to see how far we could go

it's a rule we have:
we forget to sleep
we forget to smile
we forget to trust
we forget to close our eyes
we saw everything and poured a lot more into that glass